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Who Is Behind The Infamous hCG Diet?

If you are interested in the hCG diet, you shall do everything to learn who is the creator and what he has done in his life. His name is Dr. Simeons and he has done extensive research in the 1950s to reduce obesity, which was a disorder for him; in other words, he considered overeating as the result of obesity and not the cause of obesity.

For Dr. Simeons, obesity was a somewhat gigantic jig saw puzzle that needed to be put together. Depending of the puzzle and the parts, the treatment for obesity could be as simple as eating right; and it could be as complex as dealing with emotional issues, boosting the metabolic system and fixing bad life habits altogether.

While working on a theory to cure people from their weight problems, he made a discovery. He found out that the hCG hormone would allow his patients (men and women) to lose more weight than usual -- which was a complete surprise, since the hCG hormone is normally found in women's urine when they are pregnant! hCG has various roles, but one of them is to ensure that the fetus is fed by releasing fat in areas like the hips and the thighs.

As such, Simeons made the hypothesis that the hCG hormone could also release fat from these areas even if someone is a man or not a pregnant woman. Combined with a strict eating plan where one is restricted to 500 calories (see hCG diet recipes phase 1), the hCG diet was then ready for testing. This diet had the advantage of being non-surgical and natural.

And what a success! In his manuscript, "Pounds and Inches", Simeons provides proofs that his diet would allow men and women to shed down pounds even if they were struggling with obesity for years or decades. A synthetic version of the hCG was created, and as from now, everyone and anyone can buy hCG drops or injections. Be careful, however: on the Internet, scams are frequent. You must check out if a manufacturer can be trusted.


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